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We are currently exhibiting local ceramicists "Wendy Abbott and "Paul Laycock" and we have the "Ladies are back in Town" Exhibitors from Yarm "Janice Foley and Jaxx Lawson"

Painted Stones by Stone Creations Artist "Denise Mathers" Ben Snowden now joins our list of exhibitors!

Janice Foley

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Janice Foley
Janice Foley is already world known for her Roseberry Hare paintings, which have travelled around the globe.,

Janice has returned to her love of abstract art. Working mainly with acrylics, She has been busy creating a new collection which certainly get people talking. They come at you on two levels. At first you see a pattern, then you notice the number of colours she has used and then if you really let your imagination take over you begin to see even more. These paintings are unique to Janice and each one is different.

Janice says "I get a lot of pleasure from creating these pieces as I never know how they will turn out. Each piece comes as a surprise. I try to concentrate on the section I am working on and not take in the whole picture until it is finished. I always see lots of things in them, just as I did as a child when looking into a fire or up into the clouds. They come from my imagination but You
must use your own imagination and will see completely different things. I love listening to people's interpretation of my work. It makes me smile in the knowledge that I have achieved what I set out to do and that is to get people talking".

Jan's website Roseberry Hare Website

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