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We are currently exhibiting local raku ceramicist "Paul Laycock" and ceramicist "Wendy Abbott"

Local Artist "Rebecca Jayne" Pop up Exhibition 1st February - 30 April 2018

Wendy Abbott

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Wendy Abbott
Wendy Abbott

Wendy studied as a mature student at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle, where she gained a First Class pass in BA Hons. Contemporary Applied Art. Since leaving university in 2015 she has been exploring painting and ceramics in her spare time. She thoroughly enjoys working with clay, it's flexible nature and texture allows her to work in an Abstract way.

Her work is inspired by many memories of the coast, particularly rock pools, the movement of the tide, the visual art made by the sea on the sand and the sea foam which it left behind. Wendy works with reclaimed clay by applying layers of the glaze to experiment with colour and texture, firing the final pieces to stoneware temperatures, which creates a non-porous ceramic body.

Please note: That the New Collection (Jan 2018) is not watertight nor frost proof.

Click Here to see Wendy's work and click here to go to Wendy Abbotts website
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